Custom Orders
If you want us to make a custom outfit for you...
Star Wars Outfits
Jedi robes, cloaks, tunics and other Star Wars gear.
Other Robes, Cloaks
Traditional robes and cloaks.
Super Heroes and Villains
superhero / villain costumes from movies, comics, etc.
Horror Line
Outfits of some horror icons.
Indiana Jones
Traditional outfits from Indiana Jones movies.
Some outfits from TV series Firefly.
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Star Trek
Other outfits, suits, uniforms etc.
Catsuits, fatsuits and basic outfit parts.

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If you are looking for a 1/6 tailor, 1/6 scale tailoring services, 1/6 custom clothes and clothing for your figures, you've come to the right place. We tried to keep our website as simple as possible. There is a built-in PayPal cart system on the website, so you don't need to create an account here, you can simply add items to your cart and checkout with your PayPal. We also accept commissions for 1/6 custom outfits, If you want a custom 1/6 costume/outfit, we will be happy to help you, please see Custom Orders section for details.

Our Automated PayPal cart is disfunctional at the moment due to a pending license. It will take a couple of months for it to be functional again, so at this time, all orders must be processed manually. Please send us an E-mail to info@d-artstudios.com or contact via our Facebook Page about the outfit(s) you want to order.

Elvira Dress

Dracula Robes

Highlander Trenchcoat

Twisty Clown

Roy Batty (BladeRunner) Jacket

Wolverine costume


1966 Batgirl

Hannibal straitjacket

Ada Wong

Barry Burton


Patrick Bateman Raincoat

Travis Bickle Jacket


Escape Plan Uniform

Classic Green Lantern


Samara Morgan dress

Joker Straight Jacket


Lab Coats

Medieval Fur Cloak, Game of Thrones

Tyler Durden Robe

Kick Ass
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