Custom Orders
If you want us to make a custom outfit for you...
Star Wars Outfits
Jedi robes, cloaks, tunics and other Star Wars gear.
Other Robes, Cloaks
Traditional robes and cloaks.
Super Heroes and Villains
superhero / villain costumes from movies, comics, etc.
Horror Line
Outfits of some horror icons.
Indiana Jones
Traditional outfits from Indiana Jones movies.
Some outfits from TV series Firefly.
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Star Trek
Other outfits, suits, uniforms etc.
Catsuits, fatsuits and basic outfit parts.

Here are the frequently given answers to frequently asked questions by our fellow customers, and our contact information.

Who are you?
We run a tailorship business and are also personal collectors of 1:6 figures. Our workshop is located at eastern Europe, Istanbul-Turkey. The name "D-Art Studios" is dedicated to the 1:6 era of our business and the name is found by our fellow customer and friend; Joe "Jobiwan" Gilstrap.

All of our outfits are %100 handmade.

Contact Email
You can contact us via E-mail: info@d-artstudios.com Your mail will be answered within the same day. If you don't get a reply within 24 hours, that means we didn't get your mail. Please re-send the mail.

Other Contacts
We have a new Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/dartcustoms and a Twitter account, @dartstudioscom. Both you are most welcome to follow. Or if you want to whatsapp us, can provide the number, let us know. My username on Sideshow forums: deniz, OWS forums: MrEstranged.
How will I shop, pay? And/or place a custom commission?
For regular items in sections, there is a PayPal cart build-in our website. You can simply add items to your cart and checkout with PayPal. Or if you wish, you can contact us via E-mail: info@d-artstudios.com about the items you want, we can send you a PayPal invoice, either way is OK... For custom items you want us to make, please see Custom orders section from the top menu to place a commission.

You can view the current status of your PayPal cart from here:

When will you ship my order?
Please see Shipping section.

Q4. My order is delayed more than my expected timeframe, what should I do?
Please see Shipping section.

Do you have any other online shop?
Yes, we have an eBay store; "D-Art Studios". By the way, if you bought something from our eBay shop and want to buy something from here too, we can happily combine shipping. Let us know.

I want to place an order but I want to see your references, do you have any?
You can check our eBay references this time. They are a bit out of date though, we can't find time to put our outfits eBay due to orders from webstore.

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