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Marion Ravenwood Dress - $70
Here is the Marion Ravenwood white dress.

I told a few friends who wanted this costume that it would be around $40-$50 but it took much more effort than we expected. More than 3 times of Sallah. So price will be $70 for now... I would like to sell it for less, but it won't worth the effort that way... and since making of this dress is extremely time consuming, we make it per order basis. It will take 15 days to ship the dress after you place your order.

(we can rip the bottom as in the movie, if you want the costume ripped at the bottom, let us know, no problems on that... Photos of the ripped version can be seen with Indy on the finished figure. or the customer can buy the complete dress and cut the bottom as the way he/she desires) and btw, some customers wanted 2 of them, both complete and ripped. If you want to buy 2 as a set, price is $130 shipped. Let me know.

Dots on the costume are very obvious by naked eye, but somehow they are a little blurred under camera shots, I tried my best to capture the dots.

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