Custom Orders
If you want us to make a custom outfit for you...
Star Wars Outfits
Jedi robes, cloaks, tunics and other Star Wars gear.
Other Robes, Cloaks
Traditional robes and cloaks.
Super Heroes and Villains
superhero / villain costumes from movies, comics, etc.
Horror Line
Outfits of some horror icons.
Indiana Jones
Traditional outfits from Indiana Jones movies.
Some outfits from TV series Firefly.
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Star Trek
Other outfits, suits, uniforms etc.
Catsuits, fatsuits and basic outfit parts.

It is very easy to place a commission for a custom 1:6 outfit for your figures:

If you want a custom 1:6 costume / outfit that is not for sale as a regular item on our website, we accept commissions, Please send an E-mail: info@d-artstudios.com including just 2 things:
  • Some photos or handsketch of the outfit (or internet links to these will also do)
  • Brief description of the details you want.
We will return to you within 2 business days with a total price and timing schedule... You show us something 1/1, we can change it to 1/6.

There is a usually 3-5 weeks timeframe for custom orders. May be less/more depending on the complexity of the outfit. We used to require prompt payment to start the custom projects but custom projects sometimes delay a week or two so we decided it is better to start a custom project with a $10 deposit. We will shoot and send you some photos after the work is finished, so if any alterations will be made if required. We will make every effort to make the customer happy with the outfit before shipping. If customer is somewhat not happy with the result, we refund all the funds no questions asked.

There is only one thing, we don't make camo outfits unless the fabric is provided by the customer.

If you also want to buy something from regular items with your custom outfit, we will happily combine the shipping.

Some of our custom costumes are added to the store for regular sale, some are not. Our last two custom orders were here as examples.

Travis Bickle Coat

Escape Plan outfit

Please see the Contact us section for previously asked questions from customers, and Shipping section to learn about our shipping prices/policies from top menu.

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