Custom Orders
If you want us to make a custom outfit for you...
Star Wars Outfits
Jedi robes, cloaks, tunics and other Star Wars gear.
Other Robes, Cloaks
Traditional robes and cloaks.
Super Heroes and Villains
superhero / villain costumes from movies, comics, etc.
Horror Line
Outfits of some horror icons.
Indiana Jones
Traditional outfits from Indiana Jones movies.
Some outfits from TV series Firefly.
Resident Evil
Silent Hill
Star Trek
Other outfits, suits, uniforms etc.
Catsuits, fatsuits and basic outfit parts.

Shipping Method & Delivery Timeframe
Items are shipped via Regular Airmail within air bubble envelopes. -- There is a flat fee. Whatever items you buy, we combine shipping and it is $5 to anywhere in the world. Insurance and tracking # included. More than 2000 packages (as until june 2014) are delivered (nearly %75 to US) without any damages or complaints. So this time we are doing high percent of our business with customers from United States, but we ship worldwide for sure. We have shipped nearly every country in the world so far.

Shipping & Delivery Timeframes
Although all regular items are always in stock, we can't ship daily, we ship once or twice a week. So your order will be shipped within 5 business days. We send you a mail after your funds are received and your order is processed, but we don't inform the buyer that outfit is shipped and the tracking number promptly and we don't enter tracking # promptly on PayPal unless required, we used to do it in the past but since it must be done manually, it takes too much time but we can always provide tracking # if asked by customer.

After shipment, it usually takes 20-25 days to US, Canada and Asia, slightly less within Europe, slightly more to Australia. Your items may be delayed in high postage traffic dates (Xmas, Halloween, local fests etc)

So please expect between 25-35 days for delivery to USA and Australia exactly after your order is placed (unless there is a spesific shipment date on the item page).

We immediately contact the buyer if something is wrong. So when you buy something, we tell you that your payment is received. If we hadn't contacted you anymore, that means nothing is wrong and your order is normally processed and will be shipped within 5 business days. But if you feel your order has not arrived on time, please write an E-mail: info@d-artstudios.com There is no need for an order number or something like that, I will know you and what you have bought and when, so no worries. :)

Shipping of a custom order
Please see custom order section.

Shipping quarantees
If your item is lost during shipping, we replace it without any extra fees. No questions asked. If it is lost again during shipping second time, we refund your payment in full, no questions asked.

Combine Shipping
Simply we combine shipping. whenever you buy, there is a $5 flat shipping. If you have bought something from our eBay store and want to buy something from here too, we can also combine shipping.

If you order more than $100, shipping is FREE! (If you bought with PayPal Cart System, it will calculate shipping $0 if you order more than $100 once -- if you buy manually, we'll send invoice with $0 shipping)

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